Selective Investments
Strategic Execution

Intrepidly seeking out untapped opportunities.

Tailored Real Estate Investing

Using a tailored approach, we specialize in the identification, acquisition, improvement, leasing and sale of real estate within the United States. Family owned and operated, our portfolio includes residential and commercial properties as well as extensive behavioral health real estate holdings in PA,TN, and MS.

Featured Projects

Located at 536 and 544 Iron Ridge Road in Hanover, PA, Clarity Way is a leading luxury drug and alcohol treatment facility with six buildings totaling 28,500 square feet and 29 licensed beds on 15 acres.

Maintaining a Portfolio
of High-Quality, Well-Diversified Assets

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    We see potential where others don't

    We see things differently at Daniels Holdings. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and transformational thinking, we love unconventional, diamond in the rough opportunities. Seeing potential where others don’t we have mastered the skill of formulating a clear vision of how a property should be and creatively executing its transformation.